About CollectorTech

CollectorTech was built because we understand that there is a difference between managing collections and managing collectors.

CollectorTech’s founder, Shaffer Buttars, spent 17 years in the collection software industry. During that time, he visited hundreds of collection centers inside the US and around the world. As he worked with collectors and supervisors, he saw first-hand the significant investment in technology, computer systems and phones employed so that calls could be made and monies collected.

But at virtually every collection center, he found that the same level of equipment was not available to supervisors to manage their collectors. Instead, nearly the only tool that supervisors had to motivate collectors and track their progress was a white board.

The front line support – the supervisors and collectors - were almost universally left without the adequate tools they needed to:

  • provide motivation,
  • set clear goals visible to the whole group,
  • and assess the progress of the collectors.

The white boards also used up an inordinate amount of employee time trying to keep them updated. If the supervisors didn’t update the boards, the collectors themselves would often have to leave their workstations to manually do it. Call centers often engaged in outdated and time-consuming activities such as passing around clip-boards, filling payment sheets and manually tracking their content. These frequent distractions and loss of momentum easily led to a measurable drop in productivity.

CollectorTech’s aim is to create better collections through better collectors. We feel it’s time to give supervisors and collectors the time-saving, motivational tools that they need to increase productivity on the collection floor.

--Focus, visibility, and motivation for the collection floor--


Shaffer Buttars


Shaffer Buttars has nearly 20 years of experience in the Collection software industry. Working for one of the largest collection software development companies in the US, his positions included product management, telephony development, technical support, training and installation. When not communing with a computer screen, Shaffer is an avid backpacker, hammock camper, Tenkara fisherman and stunt kite flyer. He loves music and has performed in a capella bands as both bass and vocal percussion. He lives in the beautiful, rainy Northwestern US with his wife and four children.